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Friday, April 27, 2012

Zumba Fitness

Last week, I attempted to try the Zumba drop in class at Bonsor. I got greeted by this sign...


I guess the class is really that popular... or maybe I wasn't ready for a workout that week.

I realized that I thrown all my workout shoes when I was cleaning up my closet a few years back. Just goes to show just how much exercise I've been getting from then till now.

I decided to treat myself to a new shoes just to get me revved up and committed to this new me

* Nike Free- Not Free at all...

It is quite comfortable and with fingers crossed, I hoped that this new shoes will actually improve my performance.

I arrived early this time and made sure I got my bracelet tag to ensure that I have a spot. They can only take so much people (110), and I was surprised that even before the class started, the slots were already full.

Classes started earlier than the 5:15pm schedule. The instructor do an early lesson on the steps that will be used for the class so that when the time starts, we just dance the time away. There is no way that the instructor will wait for you to learn the steps, it is up to you to catch up as each music requires a certain step and before you absorb the steps, the next music requires another set of steps. It was certainly not boring because I was so busy trying to catch up.

It was an hour worth the driving  (of alone time) and I love the music plus it was fun trying to do something for my health and body for a change. I am actually looking forward to next week already...but, for now, I am starving from all the workout, I hope I don't get more into my body than what I just worked hard for.

* Mommies and now, Zumba Buddies 

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.


Glen said...

Keep it up Mel...let us be healthy inside and out.

Chantel Genio said...

Hi Mel,

I came across your blog quite by accident on an unrelated google search, and I'm so glad that I did! What an awesome way to commemorate your children's milestones!

I'm one of the four Zumba instructors at Bonsor, and your review of your first class with us is inspirational! We would very much like to share your blog article on our webpage, if you would permit it? (

Please check it out and let us know! Our email address is

Thanks, and hope to see you in class soon!


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