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Monday, May 28, 2012

Loose Button Luxe Box: May 2012

I decided to gift myself with a beauty box subscription. It is a way to pamper and give myself a monthly treat (with a fee). I actually researched a bit about the beauty boxes available here in Canada and decided to try the Luxe Box first based on the items received by past subscribers.

I did the 3 month subscription and crossed my fingers that I will like what my box when it arrives.

What happens is that after subscribing ($12/month, $36/quarterly or $120/yearly) , you will be asked to fill up the beauty profile so that they will be able to customize a sample beauty box that would fit your needs. 

It is like getting a present monthly and what is nice is that what is inside is a bit of a surprise and will probably let you try on beauty products that you will not normally choose for yourself.

To Join

* My First Luxe Box

* All stacked up

* Customized right to the sticker... see my name? Aaw nice!

* What's inside?

* The Luxe Box Bath and Body
Gilette Venus & Olay

Olay Regenerist- Wrinkle Revolution Complex- 7ml
Full Size 15ml- $60

* Peek a Boo!

Cargo- Glitter Top Coat- Full Size (yey!
Full Size- $18

Olay Regenerist- Wrinkle Revolution Complex- 7ml
(I have been looking at Regenerist as a gift for my mom, but haven't bought them. Finding myself with a sample and for a wrinkle one (eep!) makes me feel...mature?)
Full Size 15ml- $60

Kerastase-Masque Crema Riche- 30 ml
Full Size 200ml- $57

Loose Button- My Scent- Sample Size
CK Shock for Her
Full Size 50ml- $40
Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty
Full Size 50ml- $78
Marc Jacob Oh Lola!
Full Size 50ml $79

I`d say that the Cargo (full size) product in itself pays for the box and more, bonus would be if this is a great product as well.

I will definitely try and see if these products work for me.

How about you. What did you got in your Luxe Box? Was it a hit or a miss?

* * * * *
May 2012

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