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Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday Birthday Party

I was surprised to get an invitation for a Monday, but it made sense when I read that it was just around the corner from school so I guess it was quite practical in a way.

* Kimi ready for her day party

It was a fun and casual party at home with more than half of their classmates in attendance.

The main attraction was the...

* Trampoline least it was, until someone made a surprise appearance...

* Shekinah! Former classmate 
and everyone was soooo happy to see her

It was my first time to witness a birthday tradition from a different country, and what I've noticed is that they light an extra candle (age 5, candles lighted was 6) and the elders in the family feed the birthday boy a bit of cake with a kiss on the cheek.

* Birthday Cake made by Eshaan's Aunt

* Birthday Boy Eshaan

* Eshaan with his Mom and Dad

* * * * *

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