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Friday, May 04, 2012

Sparky's Kutz for Kidz

We always did the haircut for our kids from birth. Kimi, no problem, but Kenzo? He can be a bit of a challenge once he hears the sound of the razor coming towards his head. 

We decided to try our luck with Kenzo at a kid's parlor inside the mall and see how he will fare if there is a car as seat for him to play and a TV to keep his focus on the cartoon rather on the hair cutting activity.

* Colorful Facade for the Kid's Salon

* Kenzo all smiles

I think he was expecting a ride with this little airplane,

* Why do I need an oversize bib for this?

then, the cutting started...

* So is the crying... Betrayed!

Kenzo was trying to get up most of the time he was getting cut and it was a good thing that the lady was doing her work really fast as we tried to hold on to Kenzo and try to make him as steady as we can.

* Kimi ready for her haircut

Kimi was just the opposite, she was so good getting her hair cut that it was finish in no time.

* Kenzo's haircut

This was the best that the lady could do despite the circumstance.

 * Kenzo happier to be off the bike 
lest he be given another go at getting his haircut once again

Once done, we were given a memorabilia for their first hair cut away from home...

* Laminated hair with a special cards 
with details of their 1st Hair-raising Adventure

There was a bit of time left before the mall close, and we decided to let them have a go at the nice play area inside the mall as a little reward for the hair-scapade.

* Kenzo- apple of mommy's eyes

* Little Kimi atop the caterpillar

* * * * *
Brentwood Mall
Burnaby, B.C.

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