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Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Westin Resorts and Spa at Whistler

I used to take a picture from outside this hotel when we go to Whistler. I just like the way it looks...

* Hotel Facade

I finally got the chance to stay at their junior suite with friends who stayed a room apart from us. It was like a giant slumber party. Even Kimi had playmates in the form of Heidi's daughters, Aimee and Sherilyn, she was excited to go and knock in their room and share snack as well as have them stay in our room to play.

Aside from the room, we got a picturesque view as soon as we woke up.

* Mountain view from our room

We had our certificate for dinner at the reception. 

* Certificate to a full dinner

...and a sweet  welcome

* Chocolate covered strawberries....

...which we devoured right away

* Oooh la la...

The Junior Suite (#763) was a good size for us with a King size bed and a sofa bed for additional sleeping areas. 

* King Size bed for 4

* Entertainment Area

* Kitchenette with an oven inside

The kitchen was fully-equipped with plates and utensils conveniently placed when needed. 

We loved the hotel room and especially the view. The location of the hotel is a given with everything a stone throw away. I would definitely come back if there is another good deal for this place.

* * * * *
Whistler, B.C.

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