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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Whistler Village's Kids Playground

One of the highlights for our kids is going to the Whistler Village's Kids Playground. 

We decided to go there first and on our way to the playground we passed by the Whistler Blackcomb place wherein you can purchase a ticket to go up the gondola but there were already snow on the ground which the kids excitedly ran into and played. 

* Aimee and Kimi... that is a ski area not a snow playground

* I don't think that is such a good idea....

* Tall ladies: Mel, Heidz and Twinny
Little Ladies: Kimi, Aimee and Sherilyn

Despite the cold, we still go some ice cream for the kiddos.

* Brrrr-eat!

* Moose

Finally! We arrived at the playground... soft grounds to walk in and accessible for both the young and the young at hearts to enjoy

For the more adventurous one...

* Sway Fun Glider

...and for the one who likes the conservative but fun as well

* Slides with a twist

* Logs as steps

* Making the conventional, unconventional

* Treehouse keeper

* Welcoming sight... :)

The adults kids were finally exhausted from all the running around...
we headed out for an afternoon nap before dinner

* Mommy Heidz and Mommy Mel

* Olympic rings...

* Little Olympians

* Cuddling up to the big bear

* * * * *
Whistler, B.C.

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