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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Burnaby Montessori's Sports Day 2012

The Sports Day this year was moved from June 1 to the 14th because of the rainy weather. Nevertheless, the rain still decided to make it's presence. It was still a fun-filled day despite the shower and the kids took advantage when the rain stopped to go outside and explore. 

* Preparing the Banners

We were a bit early and had time to line up for some face painting courtesy of the teachers. We lined up for a face painting session with Teacher Su.

* Face Painting Here....

Kimi mentioned weeks prior to the event that I should cheer for the Red Team, and that she should wear red to distinguish her team for Sports Day.

* Red Team...some kids had to wear jacket,
 which covers up their red inner clothes ;)

I was in charge of 2 kids for the day. I decided that life would be easier if I got Kenzo to stay in his stroller and packed up a lot of snacks and the itouch to keep him occupied.

* Little Mischief

Kimi is into rainbow tattoos this past few events. This was her second time to request for a rainbow when she got her face painted. 

* Colorful cheeks

After a couple of games, it was time for the kids to go and have their snacks with their parents and we sat with William and his parents.

* William and Kimi

Afterwards, the sun finally decided to come out and we went to the petting zoo for the second time that day, together with her classmates before we decided to call it a day.

* Peacock showing off...

...and someone decided to befriend Kenzo while I was looking at the peacock

* Mehhhh!

* * * * *
Queen's Park
New Westminster, B.C.

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