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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kimichua-ism about Ladybugs

Kimi never fails to surprise me...

Usually, we update each other when I catch Kimi awake at night after a late night's work.

Kimi: I know a LOT about bugs mommy
Mommy: Really?
Kimi: Ladybugs eats aphids
Mommy: aphids? What's that? maybe insects... (googling on the side)
Kimi: No, APHIDS!
(Finally found aphids... she's right)
Kimi was saying something about how farmers love the aphids and that they are quite juicy...and so on and so forth....

I am quite happy that Kimi is absorbing things from school. Far from it, I am already having a hard time remembering her monologue about the aphids but just wanted to blog about it

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