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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Krysten`s Dora and Diego Adventure Party

It`s the time of the year once again for Krysten`s Birthday. Although we always promised each other that we`d try to set a meeting after the party, we always ends up meeting on the kid`s birthday.

This year, Krysten celebrated her birthday at West Side Family Place, West Vancouver. It was a new place and we saw how ideal it was for a kid`s party.

* West Side Family Place

Of course, the cake was the highlight as usual and Gyneth did a spendid job with her cupcake cake.

* Cup-Cakes

* Sweet for my Sweetie Kenzo, on the other hand, decided to spend his energy going up and down the slides

* Down the slide he go

* A nice touch for a ladder

It was not for long that Kenzo found the indoor play area...

* Train Paradise...

...and so did Kimi,

* Nice Play House

...and some photo grabs from Alaric`s camera...

* Birthday Family

* Ooooh presents!!!

* * * * *

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