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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mini date with Kenzo @ Caffe Artigiano

When I was younger, I never went to a dermatologist, no problems with Kimi either, but when Kenzo came, he got rashes right from month 5 which had the doctor referring him to a dermatologist at 2 1/2 years. I was a bit worried why he needed a specialist for his skin problem but it turned out that the dermatologist had to see him to classify what kind of Eczema he's got a refer a cream/med that would hopefully work on him.

A month later, we went for a follow up appointment and the dermatologist says that he was so happy with the improvement with Kenzo's skin and that we would probably no longer need his service. Yey! Eczema will come back again and again and to just put on that cream until the gaps between each rashes will hopefully be far and father apart.

Thanks Dr. Joseph Lam.

* Kenzo's Dermatologist

We did a mini celebration after the consultation at a nearby cafe. It was our time. No Kimi, No Papa. Just the 2 of us...and Kenzo was really behaved. I guess he wanted to do this more often, hence the good behavior ;)

* The first of many...

* * * * *
West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's grand to BEE 1

I was really excited for Theo's Party. Mommy Les asked me to help out with the tags and I was beyond excited to see them in actual. This was my first time to make tags aside from my kids in a big amount and it was a real honor to have someone appreciate them and include them in such an important event like a 1st birthday.

Mommy Joy of Joyful Indulgences made the cake as well as the sugar cookies for the party...

Unfortunately, I was late for the real event but I am so glad that Charlie can be relied for pictures of everything from the event.

* Details! Details! Details!

* Birthday Boy Theo

* Theo with Mel :) with every event,

* Group picture with my favorite moms...

... Charlie invited us to go to a casual pictorial in nearby Minoru Park

* Kids

* Family Picture

* All of Us

**  All pictures courtesy of Charlie Ng

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fridate with the Gals

A few hours away from the hustle bustle of being with the kids and into a normal dinner with the adults in a nice place with a little adventure afterwards...

* Love this Jap Bar... YUMMY!

* Thanks to Kate for the recommendation on both the place and what to order...+++

* New Sets of Friends... :)

* This was pure torture... in a good way. 
Love the Chocolate Decadent.. Soo Moist and rich!

* * * * *
West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.

Summer Playland @ PNE

When the sun is out, the people of Vancouver heads outside every chance they get. 

And one of the favorite Summer pastimes is the nearby Playland @ PNE. 

This is our first year to give this attraction a try since we figured out that both Kimi and Kenzo will be able to enjoy more rides than the previous years.

* Playland @ PNE

* Lost your way?

It was a good size attraction with a bit of everything for the young to the not so young.

* Carousel and by the bench...

Kenzo got a comp band and it made riding much easier because he was not required to get measured every time. He had the time of his life and was not running around, eager to be lead to the next ride. A first!

* Kenzo loves everything with wheels... Heaven! for the flying, I was not too sure for Kenzo so,

* Kimi did solo flight was the boat for Kenzo might decide that it was too hot and the water to inviting,

* Kimi had to share the boat with a stranger

We had a fun day altogether and with not much of a line up, we got to ride (almost) all the rides they are allowed. It was time to bribe them to go home with a promise of a choice of food from the food kiosk.

* Satisfied Kimi and Kenzo

On our way to the exit, Kimi said she wanted to try the swing... uhm?!

*...maybe a few more years

* Thank you... Playland

* Happy and tired, transported in Papa's strong arms...

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Fairmont YVR Tea

The kids had their fun already during the early part of our day with Take-Off Fridays 

It was mommy's turn to sit down and have some tea and pastries. I know it's a bit hard with 4 kids : 3 adults ratio but afternoon tea we did because of a coupon from our dear friend, Sarah. Thanks Sarah! 

* Tea Selections

* Adult's Tier of goodies

* Kid's Tier of goodies

* Cute Airplane sweet cookies for the kiddos

* Adult's Top Tier

* These were really good with the Danish Cream and Jam

* Love these ones as well...

...wasn't able to get a picture of Wilbert with us in my iphone but,

* Mommy G and Mel :)

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

Take-Off Fridays @ YVR Airport

Take-Off Fridays are back once again for the 3rd time. 

We took the skytrain from a nearby parking lot for a lower parking rate and a fun experience for the kids as well...

* Skytrain kiddos

* Take-Off Fridays Schedule of Events

The kids had fun running around the airport, oblivious to the fact that they were sharing the area with travelers and luggage/carts. They just loved the fact there was a lot of free samples, activities and even mascots (moving and not) to take pictures with.

* Loving Canada...

* Free Samples activities

* Starchild Face Painter

* Shades of colors

* Three painted kiddos

...a nice play area

* Entertaining the kids with cartoons

* Soft play structure

* Starring Kenzo as Kingkong

* Cute Decor

* * * * *
July 6th to August 31, 2012
@ YVR Airport
Richmond, B.C.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

When the Clock Strikes Twelve...

We got an invite to attend a small celebration for Princess Olivia's 4th Birthday.

* Royal Invites

Of course, we accepted.

Kimi is transferring to a new school and it was a bit sad to know that she won't be seeing her old classmates on a regular basis come September.

Gabriella (Olivia's sister) was really friendly when we first came to Burnaby Montessori and I saw this cute little girl waiting in line with her mom, that was my first glimpse of Olivia. Olivia started school the next year and eventually became a friend of Kimi's as well.

We got to the venue quite early. We went to church and went straight to the venue after the service.

Since it was Summer, a lot of the parties are done outside. This is not an exception. We had the party right on the backyard of the celebrant.

Their backyard was really nice with all the toys that will surely keep any kids occupied for hours.

* Sandbox

* Bouncy Castle

* Slides and Simulated rock climbing for wee ones... 

It was free play for the early part of the party.

...then Cinderella came to entertain the kids some more

* A special necklace for the celebrant

* Cinderella shared her story to all the eager kids...

* Group Picture

* Birthday Girl with Cinderella

each kid gets a chance for a photo opportunity with Cinderella as well...

* Cinderella Photo Opportunity

...then the cake cutting

* Mommy Kathy made this Cinderella cake just for the occasion

...a pinata game after

It was also nice to see Shekinah who already transferred attending the party as well.

* Shekinah and Kimi

* * * * *

Burnaby, B.C.


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