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Friday, July 20, 2012

A dinner and a movie...

I know it is the norm for some couples but it had been awhile since we did this normal dating and finally, it happened...without any kids in tow... double yey!

We usually go towards Vancouver or Richmond but this time around we did New Westminster...

As small as this place is... it is a hidden gem of a restaurant which serves great dish (so far) every time, regardless of what dish we ordered.
* Stuffed-full

After the full and quick meal, we proceeded to the new cinema in New Westminster. According to him, it just opened last May, 2012. 

* New Cinema in New Westminster

We decided to watch Amazing Spiderman instead of the Dark Knight.

* Amazing Spiderman

I liked this movie compared to the one which starred Toby Maguire. The effects were amazing. The story also showed not only how he became Spiderman but also a little backgrounder of his childhood as well. His enemy in the movie was The Lizard.

...and outside the theater, there was a booth with a Reptile girl. It turned out that a make up artist was showcasing her talent by doing some samples of The Reptile, Joke (for Batman), etc...

* Makeup artist with her version of The Lizard

To more future dates...cheers!

* * * * *
New Westminster, B.C.

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