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Friday, July 27, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Fairmont YVR Tea

The kids had their fun already during the early part of our day with Take-Off Fridays 

It was mommy's turn to sit down and have some tea and pastries. I know it's a bit hard with 4 kids : 3 adults ratio but afternoon tea we did because of a coupon from our dear friend, Sarah. Thanks Sarah! 

* Tea Selections

* Adult's Tier of goodies

* Kid's Tier of goodies

* Cute Airplane sweet cookies for the kiddos

* Adult's Top Tier

* These were really good with the Danish Cream and Jam

* Love these ones as well...

...wasn't able to get a picture of Wilbert with us in my iphone but,

* Mommy G and Mel :)

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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