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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Carousel Themed Baby Shower

Getting pregnant is already a cause for celebration but it's double the excitement when the parents are first-timers.

Such is the case for Chic and Sha, who are new immigrants here in Canada and if that is not adjustment enough, they are expecting a baby boy soon- WOOHOO!

* It's a BOY!

Friends decided to do a surprise baby shower but it was not such a surprise after all when a friend that wasn't able to come, decided to text and apologize for not coming to the party right before the shower....Ooooops!

It was "A" for effort and everyone enjoyed nonetheless, so....

* Plates to match the theme...

...some games to keep the special guests entertained

A twist to pin the tail to the donkey. This time, it was a Fallopian tube and a wandering egg. Blindfolded players with a player without the blindfold instructing the partner to put the sperm into wherever the egg was located.

* Pin the...tail (sperm) into the eggs

...the winner was, of course, Chic and Sha. They got the most recent practice..that is why they are the one...expecting eh!?

Next game was getting the baby nipple from the red container with the use of your teeth. And if that wasn't hard enough, you got to have that beer belly pregnant belly as part of your prop as well.

* This is hard...

He won, for no one wants to participate after him lol!

The best part was the cake for which Car labored for two days just to get the details up to her standard :)

* Baby Boy Carousel Cake

...opening of gifts.

The couple received their first born baby doll....

* First Born Chic-Boy with the Expecting parents :)

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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