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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Desserts for the Deserving

Being a frustrated baker (still), I read up a lot of baking blogs for tips and inspiration and one of the thing that caught my eyes and pulled on my heartstrings was an entry for a project that calls for volunteer bakers which aims to use baking to bring a bit of joy to somebody who deserves such a treat. This was founded last year, and because of it's success, they are doing it again this year.

To learn more CLICK HERE

I decided to sign up and requested to have a nominated person from Canada as a recipient of my...ahem- treat.

I got an email notifying me that I got a deserving person with a backgrounder as to why she deserves a little treat. She was nominated by her niece:

I would like to nominate my Aunt Jean*. She has given up her life to making sure that everyone around her is happy, but herself. She is always giving and never asks for anything in return. Her husband, and subsequently my uncle, has been diagnosed with leukemia, and my aunt has persevered and taken up all that she can and more to make sure that my uncle is comfortable. She works all day to make sure that her family is provided for, and as I said she never takes the time to look after herself. I think a reminder that she is important, and that there are people thinking of her, would do wonders for her spirit, and keep her moral high at a time when she is so run down.

* names changed to protect the privacy of the person

I wish I am a better baker to make a real treat for her but I ended up with Red Velvet Choco Crinkles because it was easier to ship things like cookies (and crinkles) to arrivr in one piece after shipping and because it was lighter, the shipping cost will be not that expensive as well. It still cost around $10 to ship a light package from Canada to Canada....

* Red Velvet Choco Crinkles
* Packaged with Styro to cushion the crinkles

* Lots of Love...

I hope that I was able to bring a smile with this small package of goodies.

Till next year's Dessert for the Deserving :).

* * * * *

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