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Friday, July 20, 2012

Doing Cartwheels

This week is Kinder Half Day Camp at Cartwheels. I get to drive 2 kids to and from Richmond for a week with just a GPS as my guide, trying to be calm whenever they got that urge to do a screaming match  in the highway while I am figuring out which exit to use next.

* Personalized Cubbies

One of the reason, I decided to try gymnastic for Kimi all the way in Richmond was that she got one of her bff, Sam with her as her gym mate and it was nice to have a friendly face to chat with while waiting for the kids. 

* Cartwheels view from the top (viewing area)

* Stretches to start the class

The Cartwheel program includes a free rein of the whole gym area with all the gym apparatus, foam pit and a trampoline to use and enjoy. It also includes arts and crafts, games and even a short movie on some days.


* Coffee Filter Earth

* Puffy Paint

* Invisible Pictures


*Jello Jigglers

* * * * *

Week 3: July 16-20, 2012
Richmond B.C.

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