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Friday, July 13, 2012

July Summer Classes @ Burnaby 2012

I'm especially excited with the start of summer as schedules finally opened up for Kimi (and Kenzo) to do some week-long activities that will keep them active and occupied. I got them different activities with the hopes that they will find something that will really appeal to them, and if it does, a long term registration of that particular activity is an option when the school year finally starts.

There are more activities this year for Kimi's age and what I did was I got the music teacher's class from Kimi's summer music class last year which Kimi enjoyed immensely, for Kenzo this year. The program for the younger set is called Young Tunes (July 3-6, 2012). It was a win win situation for the reason that Kimi can sit in while Kenzo does his class, so if Kenzo decided not to be that cooperative in the class, I am pretty sure Kimi, at least, will be participating.

As for Kimi, I got the Creative Dance for 4yo (July 9-13, 2012) which was highly recommended by our cousin and the Art Explorers (July 9-13, 2012) in Burnaby Art Gallery which was an art class using different media and an artwork/inspiration from an artist to based the day's work.

*Artistic Teachers behind the programs

For the week that Kenzo didn't have any class, we spent the day waiting for Kimi with the whole Shadbolt and Burnaby Art Gallery as his personal playground. Although it was hard to be running after him, he was quite happy coming with me everyday and it was worth it in a way. It was our own time to bond...outdoor this time.

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July 3-13, 2012

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