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Friday, July 13, 2012

Max, Vancouver

Months since it opened, we finally got the chance to try Max in Vancouver.

We decided to try other dishes aside from the chicken which Max was famous for.

There was a lot of spaces inside and with nice interiors. The wait was decent despite the fact that there was an event ongoing on their private room.

* Our Dinner

Our dinner was sent out warm (not hot). I love the sago and gulaman drink. The Nilagang baka (soup) was tasty. The Kare kare was okay but the color looks too orange and some tripe inside would be nice but they had a lot of meat into both the soup and Kare Kare. Chicken Sisig was not hot as should be, I guess it was because of the plate. Sizzling plate would probably help. As for the Crispy Pata, it was good. 

Overall, the food was okay. We were not blown away but maybe it would get better or we should probably try the tested dishes which I noticed other tables ordered. The Pancit Canton (noodles) and the Max's Fried chicken.

* * * * *
Vancouver. B.C.

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