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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mini date with Kenzo @ Caffe Artigiano

When I was younger, I never went to a dermatologist, no problems with Kimi either, but when Kenzo came, he got rashes right from month 5 which had the doctor referring him to a dermatologist at 2 1/2 years. I was a bit worried why he needed a specialist for his skin problem but it turned out that the dermatologist had to see him to classify what kind of Eczema he's got a refer a cream/med that would hopefully work on him.

A month later, we went for a follow up appointment and the dermatologist says that he was so happy with the improvement with Kenzo's skin and that we would probably no longer need his service. Yey! Eczema will come back again and again and to just put on that cream until the gaps between each rashes will hopefully be far and father apart.

Thanks Dr. Joseph Lam.

* Kenzo's Dermatologist

We did a mini celebration after the consultation at a nearby cafe. It was our time. No Kimi, No Papa. Just the 2 of us...and Kenzo was really behaved. I guess he wanted to do this more often, hence the good behavior ;)

* The first of many...

* * * * *
West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.

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