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Saturday, July 07, 2012

River Rock Richmond Night Market 2012

Summer always comes with the well known night market in Richmond.

The difference in this year's night market is that there are 2 night market taking places for us to enjoy and compare.

I've gone to the other one last year which was entrance-free but with pay parking of $5 if you want to be close to the venue. 

We tried the one near River Rock this year which got a $1.50 entrance fee but there's a free parking close by.

Lots of foods to choose from and with the sun finally shining, the people were all out as well, so it was quite a crowd in there and a real effort to maneuver a stroller... but maneuver we did, and we finally dispersed and lined up in different stalls while I went to find seats and get the kids settled as we await our food orders ;)

* Bribing Kenzo with potatoes...

* Eron and Karl with Little Kenzo and Kimi

* Foods to share...

Kimi saw the Game Station on our way to the food stalls and she was begging for us to have a play once we finish eating...

* Game Station: ANGRY BIRDS!!!

* Ring Toss....

* * * * *
8351 River Rd, 
Richmond B.C.

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