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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sam's Beach Bash

Sam's 4 and she celebrated with a party that took advantage of what the season has to offer....

The Sun. 

A party at the beach was the venue and the sound of the water nearby serves as the sound to accompany the chatter of friends and family. It was a perfect day as well. Mommy Sarah's prayer to have at least one day of sunshine was answered...

* Cake Table

...and lots of foods to keep you filled until the evening

* This is just the first batch of food!!!

As soon as the girls saw each other, they huddled excitedly, as if they haven't seen each other for a long time...

* Tres Marias

Mommy G took over and watched over Shawn for awhile.

* Mommy G and Shawn

Bubbles were the first activity on the list and it kept the kids least for awhile


Alas, the main event... Beach Time...
* Got Kenzo covered to keep him 
from getting more scratches and bruises

* Brooklyn and Kenzo

* Dirt lover

* Dog is a sure kid attraction

* Father and daughter moment...

* Better late than never... Pretty Carmi

Time flies so fast when you are having so much fun, and soon enough it was time to head back to our main venue for some magic!

* Kimi and Kenzo
**photo grab from Charlie Ng

...but before that, let me introduce you to the beach dudes who made sure the kids were safe playing  

* Baywatch buddies (L-R): Steve, Wilbert, Karl and Charlie
**photo grab from Charlie Ng

* Baywatch Babes--ahem (L-R): Mel, Joy, Glenda, Jo
**photo grab from Charlie Ng

It was nice having a magician in a formal suit performing in such a laid back venue like the beach... A welcome entertainment which had the kids and the kids at heart laughing our hearts out... Some of the neighboring picnickers were even listening to the show as well.

* Magician Matthew Johnson

* Sam and Kimi got the front row seat close to the stage

* Macky doesn't seem to like having his picture taken... oops

* Love the loots and treats...

After the show, balloon twisting and ventriloquism was also done.

Last part was the blowing and cutting of the cake...
* Dy Family... and some other adopted kids in front

* Relative and friends...
and some adopted kids still in front

...and as traditions go, a group picture with the mommies

* Best support a mom could ask for: Joy, Sarah, Van, Mel (me), Glenda and Jo
**photo grab from Charlie Ng

Once again,

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

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