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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Playland @ PNE

When the sun is out, the people of Vancouver heads outside every chance they get. 

And one of the favorite Summer pastimes is the nearby Playland @ PNE. 

This is our first year to give this attraction a try since we figured out that both Kimi and Kenzo will be able to enjoy more rides than the previous years.

* Playland @ PNE

* Lost your way?

It was a good size attraction with a bit of everything for the young to the not so young.

* Carousel and by the bench...

Kenzo got a comp band and it made riding much easier because he was not required to get measured every time. He had the time of his life and was not running around, eager to be lead to the next ride. A first!

* Kenzo loves everything with wheels... Heaven! for the flying, I was not too sure for Kenzo so,

* Kimi did solo flight was the boat for Kenzo might decide that it was too hot and the water to inviting,

* Kimi had to share the boat with a stranger

We had a fun day altogether and with not much of a line up, we got to ride (almost) all the rides they are allowed. It was time to bribe them to go home with a promise of a choice of food from the food kiosk.

* Satisfied Kimi and Kenzo

On our way to the exit, Kimi said she wanted to try the swing... uhm?!

*...maybe a few more years

* Thank you... Playland

* Happy and tired, transported in Papa's strong arms...

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

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