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Friday, July 27, 2012

Take-Off Fridays @ YVR Airport

Take-Off Fridays are back once again for the 3rd time. 

We took the skytrain from a nearby parking lot for a lower parking rate and a fun experience for the kids as well...

* Skytrain kiddos

* Take-Off Fridays Schedule of Events

The kids had fun running around the airport, oblivious to the fact that they were sharing the area with travelers and luggage/carts. They just loved the fact there was a lot of free samples, activities and even mascots (moving and not) to take pictures with.

* Loving Canada...

* Free Samples activities

* Starchild Face Painter

* Shades of colors

* Three painted kiddos

...a nice play area

* Entertaining the kids with cartoons

* Soft play structure

* Starring Kenzo as Kingkong

* Cute Decor

* * * * *
July 6th to August 31, 2012
@ YVR Airport
Richmond, B.C.

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