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Sunday, July 22, 2012

When the Clock Strikes Twelve...

We got an invite to attend a small celebration for Princess Olivia's 4th Birthday.

* Royal Invites

Of course, we accepted.

Kimi is transferring to a new school and it was a bit sad to know that she won't be seeing her old classmates on a regular basis come September.

Gabriella (Olivia's sister) was really friendly when we first came to Burnaby Montessori and I saw this cute little girl waiting in line with her mom, that was my first glimpse of Olivia. Olivia started school the next year and eventually became a friend of Kimi's as well.

We got to the venue quite early. We went to church and went straight to the venue after the service.

Since it was Summer, a lot of the parties are done outside. This is not an exception. We had the party right on the backyard of the celebrant.

Their backyard was really nice with all the toys that will surely keep any kids occupied for hours.

* Sandbox

* Bouncy Castle

* Slides and Simulated rock climbing for wee ones... 

It was free play for the early part of the party.

...then Cinderella came to entertain the kids some more

* A special necklace for the celebrant

* Cinderella shared her story to all the eager kids...

* Group Picture

* Birthday Girl with Cinderella

each kid gets a chance for a photo opportunity with Cinderella as well...

* Cinderella Photo Opportunity

...then the cake cutting

* Mommy Kathy made this Cinderella cake just for the occasion

...a pinata game after

It was also nice to see Shekinah who already transferred attending the party as well.

* Shekinah and Kimi

* * * * *

Burnaby, B.C.

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