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Friday, August 31, 2012

Art Combo (3-5yo) @ RAC

Mr Tony. 

I've heard raves about him from friends and I was more than excited to finally get his class for Kimi this summer for the end of August.

It was almost the end of Summer and it was a perfect way to end the Summer vacation with a week-long art class that would reunite Kimi and one of her favorite friend, Sam.

* Kenzo, Kimi and Sam

Before each class, Mr. Tony showed the parents what the children was doing for that day...

Mr Tony's secret weapon? Coco, his beloved monkey puppet. A bit of puppeteer can go a long way in entertaining the kids and making learning much more exciting.

* Coco the puppet monkey

* Parrot Bird Art...

Wings that looks a lot like hands... that is because, they actually used their hands to trace the shape for the bird's wings...

DAY 02
* Tiger Art

Yes, this drawing was supposed to be a tiger but Kimi decided to try blue to color hers...

DAY 03
* Color Wheel

The most important element in any art class is the color wheel to serve as a reference in mixing colors. the kids does all the mixing of the colors to make the secondary colors (orange violet and green) for the wheel!

DAY 04
* The Flamingo

Red and White make Pink, I think... A little phrase Mr Tony recites repeatedly to make the kids remember how pink came to be...

DAY 05
* Frog...

Blue and yellow mixture makes green... They experimented with yellow, blue and whites to make different shades of green to make up this artwork. That little black thing's a tadpole. Mr Tony does a bit of lecture about the life cycle of the frog as well to get the kid's informed about their project of the day.

Mr Tony always informed the parents how the kids did all the artworks and that even the mixing of the colors was all done by the kids themselves. I was pretty impressed that they did it on their own at the amount of time that was allotted for their class. Mr Tony's class may be a long drive from our place, but he was a real character and well worth it.

Coloring outside the lines is a fine art.

- Kim Nance

* * * * *
Mr. Tony and Coco
Richmond Art Centre
Richmond, B.C.

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