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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Golden Ears Provincial Park

A perfect day for a beach.

Thanks to Mommy Joy for organizing a big beach/ potluck in Golden Ears to celebrate more of Summer.

We got lots tons of food that would last us the whole day, or maybe even the next day....

The kids, on the other hand, was more excited in the prospect of making sand castles and swimming.

* Taking a dip in the cold water
Photo by: Mommy Jo

* Kenzo enjoying the dirt
Photo by: Charlie Ng

It was a lot of changing with the kids going back and forth the beach and getting themselves wet or dirty. I used up all the clothes I have packed for this trip...

* By the beach...

Kenzo played by the mats and decided it was too hot. Thanks to Sam, he decided that Sam's hat would look good with his outfit...

* Floral hat Kenzo?

Steve, brought some friends, who brought a boat which the kids thought were cool and decided to try it out in the water. Thanks to the daddies who pushed the kids back and forth the shallow waters. This was the highlight of their day at the beach.

* Girls onboard...
Photo by: Mommy Jo

It was a team effort with the moms and dads taking turns to go watch the kids.

* Team Dads
Photo by: Charlie Ng 

* Team Moms
Photo by: Charlie Ng

Someone also brought some four legged friends that Kenzo followed around the park.

* Here little doggy

* * * * *
Maple Ridge, B.C.

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