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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learning Kits

A little note from our church's bulletin was asking for donation of school supplies for the less fortunate in the 3rd world country. The mommies decided to do 50 packs of the 400 packs they were targeting and enlisted the help of the kids to pack. It was a joint effort and within less than a week, we got all the supplies needed to make 50 packs of school kits. Each kit includes the following as specified:

* School Kit Pack

4 Spiral Notebooks 8.5 x 10- 70 sheets
4 pencil unsharpened
1 12" ruler with cm and inches
1pack 12 coloured pencil in package
1 eraser

We also decided on putting them individually in envelopes and label them to make it more special for the kids 

* Dark background for the guys and the light ones for the girls

We all cramped up in our small house on Saturday to do the mass production...
in time for Sunday

* A little bit of help goes a long way...

They are still accepting more school kits and for those who want to help, you can drop them off at the Info Desk on weekend service at Willingdon Church.

* * * * *
Willingdon Church
Burnaby, B.C.

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