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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Red and Gold Dragon 60th Birthday

It started with this banner that my father in law brought from his celebration in the Philippines to Canada.

I decided to go with the Red and Gold Theme for his 60th Birthday Celebration in Canada.

* Banner from Manila, Philippines

The main part to make a party successful is to ensure that the food are worth the celebration.

* The main dishes

* Cheerleader?! Roasted Pig with oh so crunchy skin

The decors are the extras that gives an oomph to a party.

* Making it personalized as a special touch

What I did was to do a dragon theme with our color scheme for the cake. That's because my father in law was born in the year of the dragon and with this being a big celebration and 2012 a year of the dragon as well. I thought that it was a perfect theme to go with for this event.

Guests were students from his tai chi classes, friends from Xavier and of course the relatives.

* Arsenio's Guests

* The youngest guest in the party

We were able to brought some friends to help with the set up and stay with us to celebrate 

* Thanks to Eron, Stone, Twinny and Di 

* The Traditional Candle Blowing 

* Chinese Costumes :)

* Family Pictures  

* Decors to go...

* * * * *
...more blessings and birthdays to come

1 comment:

Sab said...

Aww Wish we were there to celebrate :) I love the cake and the kids costumes :) Sayang dad wasn't wearing red!


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