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Monday, August 06, 2012

Surrey's Art Knapp

Who would have ever thought that inside the plantland like Art Knapp, there's train and mini golf within?

Not me, good thing that we got mommy friends from every area and we got all the kid's area covered.

We decided to spend one weekend together and have the kids ride the train and play golf. As they say, the more, the merrier.

* The Early Birds

We were the last ones to arrive and the kids were playing by the play area near the train

* Thomas- look alike

We got a steal with a buy one, take one deal with the use of our Entertainment book coupon.

* All aboard

* Kenzo at a loss for words while aboard the train...Excited?!

We had a quick lunch nearby and went back for the second leg of our get together with a game of mini golf.

* 18 hole mini golf rates

* Collage courtesy of Charlie Ng

* My Mini golfer

* Pit stop between one hole to the next

The weather forecast predicted nice weather, but we got a bit of a shower right in the middle of our game...

* Last hole for the game for Kenzo?

* This table got him occupied on the duration of our game...

* He wasn't even done as we came back from the game

* * * * *
Surrey, B.C.

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