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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Day in Kindergarten

 You know the drill. Waking up in the morning, brushing the teeth, dressing up, sitting on the dining table trying to spoon oatmeal after oatmeal and then  rushing to the door to get to school in time.

...but this time around, I am the one pulling Kimi out of bed with breakfast ready for her to eat and reminding her again and again to hurry up as we are about to get late for school, as she retorted that she is still sleepy. 

It is a cycle alright, and I am surprised to find myself as the one preparing for my daughter instead of being the student as I was years before. 

Now I realized how hard it was to be in the school routine once again...
...but it is exciting just as well, especially seeing Kimi reach another milestone as a Kindergarten in a new school.

* Welcome sign

* Personalized Bus Signs...

* Kindergarten...

They had the names of the student all over the room as if to personalized each area to one student..

* Kimi's desk for the year

* Alphabet with the kid's name below their initials

* Personalized sticks

* There is Kimi's stick

...of course, mommy, daddy and some special friends came for a look as well,

* Mommy, Auntie Glenda and Kimi

* Proud Papa

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

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