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Monday, November 26, 2012

For Better or For Worse...

Six years ago, I walked down the aisle towards my soon to be husband.

As soon as the door to the church opened for my grand entrance, I marched with uncontrollable tears in my eyes (sobbing loudly) as all the thoughts of going far away after the wedding finally dawned on me... Everything will be really different and my source of comfort (family) will be too far away. I'm so glad though that those fears were just that, a figment of my overacting mind.

I did the traditional vow and everything I've said back then was just that- words that has been uttered by countless brides to their soon to be husband.

...but now, I have come to understand what those words meant and reading those traditional vow were actually harder to live by when real life does happens. I can assure you that married life is not a bed of roses and it was a lot of work and compromising but all those fights were well worth it, for it was those fights that changed us and made us who we are today.

So on this sixth year, I'd like to post those vow once again... to remind me about what we promised one another...

Grant us, O Lord, to be One Heart and One Soul
From this day forward
For better, for worse
For richer, for poorer
For sickness and in health
Till death do us part.

* * * * *
Happy 6th 
Wedding Anniversary Bibi

I Love You so much

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

It was a show for the little princesses...

Disney on Ice's, Dare to Dream

Hubby and Kenzo dropped us off at PNE for our Girl date.

* Kimi and Kenzo bonding at the backseat

We had time to kill and decided to go around and look at all the stuffs that are selling from food and drinks to Disney Merchandise related to the show.

* Dare to Dream Poster

Soon, the others came and Kimi gets more excited as she sees familiar faces coming in, she didn't know that a lot of her friends are going to be her seatmate that night.

* Little Audience

As soon as the lights closed, the kids was silent and watching intently. There was the occasional burst of excitement with each transition between princesses and some sang their hearts out as soon as they heard the familiar tune but overall, these is the best behavior I've seen the kids in together. (lol!)

* Intent on the show

* A Spectacle- Must See!

* * * * *
November 25, 2012
Pacific National Exhibition
Vancouver, B.C.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kimichua-ism... My Little helper and Holiday preparation

Kimi brought home some handmade cards she made from school. I was surprised, it was nothing abstract and quite nice :) Good Job my Little Artiste

I decided to put some of her little sayings just so I can have this to look back on next time...

We started labeling cards for our gifts this year and decided that Kimi can do the writings on the inside of the cards for her circle of little friends...

When I got the card, I saw the last one with Kenzo's name spelled KENZOE...

Mommy: Kimi, why did you put an E at the end of shoti's name?
Kimi: Remember mommy, you told me that "e" at the end of a word doesn't make a sound, so it doesn't matter...

...Uhmm, ok!

* * * * *
I call Kimi my little helper... She has been such a helper in the house and when Kenzo gets into his active moments, I tend to throw a lot of commands her way...

coming from school

Mommy: Kimi!!! please take off your clothes and pick up what shoti threw on the floor... and please get the stool out of the way and back in the bathroom....
Kimi: Mommy, I came from school and I am tired. I need to rest. I know I am your helper but helpers do get tired too you know....


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Handmade Cards

I was surprised how the handmade cards turned out so well...

This was a project by a Kindergarten Mom. The cards were sold $5 for 3 cards and was done by the kindergartens. Each batch has a name as to which kid did that batch and of course, the moms all grab the ones made by their precious kindergartener.

Good Job Kimi

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boys and Super Heroes...

I don't know what the fascination in between boys and super powers but that is what makes these birthday boys happy so Super Hero Themed Party for Braden and Macky for their joint celebration this year.

Being the self taught cake guru that she is, Mommy Joy, did the cake with her own two hands. Talk about Real Labor of Love. 

* Cake for Mac

* Cake for Braden

To get the creative juice flowing, a contest for the best cape and mask was held which both the young and the not so young thoroughly enjoyed.

* Masks for design

* Ng Family

It was time to show up our super hero poses for the camera...

* Super Guys...

* Super Kids...

* Super Gals...

* Birthday Kids gets their own Super Kids Pose

* Kenzo loves to get his picture taken...

* More pictures...

...and our traditional group picture

* Super Mommies...

... and my family that makes my life feel really ``Super``

* Kenzo with his funny face

* Bingo!

* * * * *
Thanks Charlie and Joy for the Superb Party

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Macky
Happy 5th Birthday Braden

...and to Charlie who took this pictures.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Elephant in the room...

An elephant in the room connotes to a negative  issue that is too big to ignore and no one want to discuss but for this instance, there is nothing negative about this elephant, it is so nice that it can't be ignored, and something that everyone would love to discuss. Kudos to Papa Steve and Mama Sarah :)

Shades of Blues and Whites transformed the ordinary Steveston Community Center into a grand party for a special boy turning 1.

* Great Elements of Elephants in the details

* Love the Jenga Message Idea
* Pretty Big Sis Sam

* When Sam is somewhere, there is Kimi around as well

* Enjoying the cake pops...

* Sometimes is the kids who need to give dad a ride :)

* Nice Big Elephant as souvenir

* Photo Op of the Famous Trio

.... and our traditional group picture

* The Mommy Elephants

* * * * *

Deeper Friendships...

My greatest blessing found here in Canada is the friendships found and cultivated...

* Photo courtesy of Charlie Ng

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,
having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words,
but pouring them out, just as they are,
chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping,
and with the breadth of kindness throw the rest away.

- Dinah Maria Mulock Crank

* * * * *
To the mommies,

Thank you so much for the friendship :)


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