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Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Elephant in the room...

An elephant in the room connotes to a negative  issue that is too big to ignore and no one want to discuss but for this instance, there is nothing negative about this elephant, it is so nice that it can't be ignored, and something that everyone would love to discuss. Kudos to Papa Steve and Mama Sarah :)

Shades of Blues and Whites transformed the ordinary Steveston Community Center into a grand party for a special boy turning 1.

* Great Elements of Elephants in the details

* Love the Jenga Message Idea
* Pretty Big Sis Sam

* When Sam is somewhere, there is Kimi around as well

* Enjoying the cake pops...

* Sometimes is the kids who need to give dad a ride :)

* Nice Big Elephant as souvenir

* Photo Op of the Famous Trio

.... and our traditional group picture

* The Mommy Elephants

* * * * *

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