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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boys and Super Heroes...

I don't know what the fascination in between boys and super powers but that is what makes these birthday boys happy so Super Hero Themed Party for Braden and Macky for their joint celebration this year.

Being the self taught cake guru that she is, Mommy Joy, did the cake with her own two hands. Talk about Real Labor of Love. 

* Cake for Mac

* Cake for Braden

To get the creative juice flowing, a contest for the best cape and mask was held which both the young and the not so young thoroughly enjoyed.

* Masks for design

* Ng Family

It was time to show up our super hero poses for the camera...

* Super Guys...

* Super Kids...

* Super Gals...

* Birthday Kids gets their own Super Kids Pose

* Kenzo loves to get his picture taken...

* More pictures...

...and our traditional group picture

* Super Mommies...

... and my family that makes my life feel really ``Super``

* Kenzo with his funny face

* Bingo!

* * * * *
Thanks Charlie and Joy for the Superb Party

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Macky
Happy 5th Birthday Braden

...and to Charlie who took this pictures.

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