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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

It was a show for the little princesses...

Disney on Ice's, Dare to Dream

Hubby and Kenzo dropped us off at PNE for our Girl date.

* Kimi and Kenzo bonding at the backseat

We had time to kill and decided to go around and look at all the stuffs that are selling from food and drinks to Disney Merchandise related to the show.

* Dare to Dream Poster

Soon, the others came and Kimi gets more excited as she sees familiar faces coming in, she didn't know that a lot of her friends are going to be her seatmate that night.

* Little Audience

As soon as the lights closed, the kids was silent and watching intently. There was the occasional burst of excitement with each transition between princesses and some sang their hearts out as soon as they heard the familiar tune but overall, these is the best behavior I've seen the kids in together. (lol!)

* Intent on the show

* A Spectacle- Must See!

* * * * *
November 25, 2012
Pacific National Exhibition
Vancouver, B.C.

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