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Monday, December 24, 2012

Ong's Annual Christmas Bash

It's officially our tradition to set aside dinner every 24th of December for a get together with the Ong Family.

* A Game of Dance in Knect

To start our own tradition, I decided to get the mommies a scratch card. Maybe we'd start the year a bit richer ;)

*..not yet our time

* I won a $1 though :-P

* For the Boys...

...the kids kept themselves busy with all the toys and activities available 

* Inseparable

* Hide and go seek (for Mac)

* * * * *
Thanks for making us part of your family :)
Till Next Year

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pinoy Fiesta Themed Christmas Dinner

Two years ago, we had a Gossip Girl Inspired Christmas with the Vancouver Icans. I am an honorary member as I never been an Ican. We skipped a year, good thing is, we are able to make another Christmas dinner together this year.

All of us have something in common, Philippines has been our home once in our past, hence, the theme for this year for a Philippine Themed Christmas.

We did the celebration at Bert's place this year...

* Nico did a fabulous Christmas table setting

Each of us tried our hands at a Filipino dish for our event.

* Bert's Lumpiang Shanghai, Leslie's Crispy Chicken, Candice's Gising Gising,
Steph's Embutido, Jayson's Sinigang, Mel's Filipino Style Spaghetti and 
Nico's Cassava Cake

The party favorite is the exchange of gift... Thank you Elfster for making the gift exchanging way easier.

* Santa Parents and their babies...

I actually bought gift for our babies, Nico and James. Turns out that hubby really got me as his baby and I was really surprised and Nico ended up with 2 presents :)

Nico got a Babycakes which she generously brought to the party to get Kimi and us gals an activity of making cake pops using her handy machine.

* Festive Cake Pops

* Kimi was so proud of her cake pops

* Kenzo, on the other hand, just wanted to consume as much as he can

* Thank you Nico :)

The Co Sisters also got gifts for Kimi and Kenzo (Aaaw so sweet!). I was able to do Les' gift for Kimi with her on Christmas Day and got Nico and Steph's gift on my craft stash for the future :)

* Kimi's personal pretty Santas :)

... it was a great way to bond on a Christmas Day.

* Finish Product for the gift I got from my Secret Santa?

* It's an everyday necklace... Thank you :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas from the He-ART

Kimi's Kindergarten class did a lot of really impressive Christmas Arts which I will surely keep in our Christmas box and use year after year. 

* * * * *
Thanks SFDS 
for these wonderful work of 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Level 3 Ice skating... PASSED!

Going up from one level to the next is getting harder as we go.

This time around, Kalen and Kimi are now in different classes. Kalen went to the child level skating because she reached age 6, while Kimi went up another level on the same category which is still the preschool category.

There are still a list of things needed to be done before they will be allowed to the next level and I am so happy to finally announced that they got the approval from their instructors to go on to Level 3 Child for Kalen and Level 4 Preschool for Kimi.

* Level 3- Passed :)!

What exactly are the thing you need to accomplish to pass Level 3 Preschool?
* Forward skating, alternate feet
* Touch ankle while gliding
* Glide on two feet for 2 meters
* Forward double sculling: 5 consec.
* Snowplow Stop (any style)
* Backward skating across rink

Glad they were able to move up to the next level. Congratulations! :)

* * * * *
Preschool Level 3 Ice Skating
Vancouver, B.C.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 SFDS Christmas Concert

The SFDS Christmas Concert was a collaboration of all the students in SFDS, each level has their own time to shine. The Grade 7 students were the ones who portrayed the main cast while each grade do a number that broke the story into segments with a song.

* The stage

* The Main Cast- Grade 7s

Of course, each mother/ father in the audience was waiting for their little one to go on the stage. I was not the exception and was more than excited when I saw the kindergarten was next with their song "Lullaby of Love". 

* My Kimikins... 

* Lullaby of Love Video
via Sony Bloggie

The Finale was the part wherein every student came together once again for the last time to sing a summary of all the song sang throughout the program.

* SFDS Students

* Christmas Concert Finale
via Sony Bloggie

Kimi was really great in all the performance (Matinee and Evening). Snow or shine we were the to support her and I was there on both shows with all the jackets and warm accessories I could wear and a shovel at the back of our car in case we got stuck in the snow. Great Job, Kindergartens and I am proud of you, Kimi.

* Donkey wishing to be a sheep...

I haven't seen a donkey cuter than you.

* * * * *
December 19, 2012
Burnaby, B.C.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas at the Peak 2012

I was especially excited with hubby's Christmas Party. Last year, it was at a hotel but this year, the organizer decided to do it at Grouse Mountain. I love the fact that we can all go with hubby and we don't need to pay the ride up and a buffet lunch at a minimal price. Of course, hubby was totally free as he was an employee there. 

Even though the weather was a bit more windy than what I would have liked, we decided to go through with the party and was really happy we went :)

* Kenzo especially still...

I think he knows that he needs all the energy when he goes up...

* Sharing a loving moment down the mountain

* Eager :)

There was a lot of activities to keep the kids entertained.

* Gift Shop with the Antler Decorating area with Free Reindeer Tattoos

The Gingerbread Village featuring different work of arts...

* Yummy Creations- Vote for your favorite

* Santa's Workshop
* Whisper your wishes to Santa

* Brrrr Freezing!

...and the best of them was

* Real Reindeer up close #:-(I)

Great Idea on the location. I sure hope that next year's venue will be a notch higher than Grouse ;)

* Merry Christmas... Bold Red on Pure White

* * * * * 
Grouse Mountain
North Vancouver, B.C.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Home for Christmas

With all the celebrations and gifts coming our way, it is quite easy to lose sight of the reason for the season.

I decided to spend a night as a family, watching a play from our church to remind us of the real reason of Christmas.

This is a nice tradition that I am planning of doing again next year and hopefully for years to come...

* Starlite Theatre presents...

* Home for Christmas Brochure

The stage was outstanding... can actually feel the love poured out into this whole play

* Voices sang together to share the message of the good news.

* Perfect gift for Christmas

* * * * *
December 14, 2012
Willingdon Church
Burnaby, B.C. 

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Choo Choo... Make way for a Thomas Birthday

Kimi was a bit hesitant with our theme for their joint birthday for this year. She kept on saying that the girls wouldn't enjoy the party because it was too boyish, according to her.

Hubby and I decided that this year was the perfect time to do a Thomas Train Party for the reason that Kenzo is old enough to enjoy his party and is really crazy about anything with wheels and can spend long time playing with trains and cars...

Picture Overload so got them in collage just to keep them in order.

* The Bold Color Palette for a Train-iffic party

* Thomas the Train goodies and labels was used throughout the party

Hubby was the one who took charge with the food for the event. He got the food from 4 different suppliers and I can say that everything was really yummy :) Good Job Hubby...

* Party Favorites :)

We wanted to make sure the kids, both girls and boys, enjoyed the party. To keep Kimi happy (despite the theme) in her own party, we got a bouncy castle, some craft table activities, balloon twister and a Thomas ride for their enjoyment. A lot of sweets like Macarons, Cake pops, Chocolate Thin Crisps, and of course, their cakes. We got popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy food carts as well.

* Sweet Table

I always enjoy the process that went into the preparation of their party. A lot of the details was done little by little through craft time with Kimi.

* These boxes were made by Kimi and mommy a week before the party

* Bouncy Castles and Cotton Candy Cart

* Kimi and Kenzo's Cupcakes by Gyneth Young
 and Nico's Yummy Macarons

* Rainbow Jellos joint effort by Kimi and Mel :)

* Rent a Train for the kids to have a ride all you can entertainment

* Snapshots of the kiddos enjoying the little treats

...and the friends that are more like families. Thank you :)

* Vancouverites Unite

* Traditional Group Picture

I can't thank everyone enough who helped out in the party.
The setup (* Eron, Co Siblings and significant others), the clean up (Ching Family and my in laws, Eron), the suppliers (*Nico, Gyneth, Kimberly) and the photographers (*Charlie and Steve) who captured it all.

Thank you

* * * * *
Happy 5th Birthday Kimi 
Happy 3rd Birthday Kenzo

We love you both so much 
-Papa and Mama


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