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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 SFDS Christmas Concert

The SFDS Christmas Concert was a collaboration of all the students in SFDS, each level has their own time to shine. The Grade 7 students were the ones who portrayed the main cast while each grade do a number that broke the story into segments with a song.

* The stage

* The Main Cast- Grade 7s

Of course, each mother/ father in the audience was waiting for their little one to go on the stage. I was not the exception and was more than excited when I saw the kindergarten was next with their song "Lullaby of Love". 

* My Kimikins... 

* Lullaby of Love Video
via Sony Bloggie

The Finale was the part wherein every student came together once again for the last time to sing a summary of all the song sang throughout the program.

* SFDS Students

* Christmas Concert Finale
via Sony Bloggie

Kimi was really great in all the performance (Matinee and Evening). Snow or shine we were the to support her and I was there on both shows with all the jackets and warm accessories I could wear and a shovel at the back of our car in case we got stuck in the snow. Great Job, Kindergartens and I am proud of you, Kimi.

* Donkey wishing to be a sheep...

I haven't seen a donkey cuter than you.

* * * * *
December 19, 2012
Burnaby, B.C.

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