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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Choo Choo... Make way for a Thomas Birthday

Kimi was a bit hesitant with our theme for their joint birthday for this year. She kept on saying that the girls wouldn't enjoy the party because it was too boyish, according to her.

Hubby and I decided that this year was the perfect time to do a Thomas Train Party for the reason that Kenzo is old enough to enjoy his party and is really crazy about anything with wheels and can spend long time playing with trains and cars...

Picture Overload so got them in collage just to keep them in order.

* The Bold Color Palette for a Train-iffic party

* Thomas the Train goodies and labels was used throughout the party

Hubby was the one who took charge with the food for the event. He got the food from 4 different suppliers and I can say that everything was really yummy :) Good Job Hubby...

* Party Favorites :)

We wanted to make sure the kids, both girls and boys, enjoyed the party. To keep Kimi happy (despite the theme) in her own party, we got a bouncy castle, some craft table activities, balloon twister and a Thomas ride for their enjoyment. A lot of sweets like Macarons, Cake pops, Chocolate Thin Crisps, and of course, their cakes. We got popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy food carts as well.

* Sweet Table

I always enjoy the process that went into the preparation of their party. A lot of the details was done little by little through craft time with Kimi.

* These boxes were made by Kimi and mommy a week before the party

* Bouncy Castles and Cotton Candy Cart

* Kimi and Kenzo's Cupcakes by Gyneth Young
 and Nico's Yummy Macarons

* Rainbow Jellos joint effort by Kimi and Mel :)

* Rent a Train for the kids to have a ride all you can entertainment

* Snapshots of the kiddos enjoying the little treats

...and the friends that are more like families. Thank you :)

* Vancouverites Unite

* Traditional Group Picture

I can't thank everyone enough who helped out in the party.
The setup (* Eron, Co Siblings and significant others), the clean up (Ching Family and my in laws, Eron), the suppliers (*Nico, Gyneth, Kimberly) and the photographers (*Charlie and Steve) who captured it all.

Thank you

* * * * *
Happy 5th Birthday Kimi 
Happy 3rd Birthday Kenzo

We love you both so much 
-Papa and Mama


LR Walls said...

I really need the Thomas train that you used, how did you make it or are you willing to sell it?

Matt Voges said...

You can make smile on your kids face easily. If you have rented our bounce house, the kids have surely had a great time jumping and falling and laughing all day long.


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