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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas at the Peak 2012

I was especially excited with hubby's Christmas Party. Last year, it was at a hotel but this year, the organizer decided to do it at Grouse Mountain. I love the fact that we can all go with hubby and we don't need to pay the ride up and a buffet lunch at a minimal price. Of course, hubby was totally free as he was an employee there. 

Even though the weather was a bit more windy than what I would have liked, we decided to go through with the party and was really happy we went :)

* Kenzo especially still...

I think he knows that he needs all the energy when he goes up...

* Sharing a loving moment down the mountain

* Eager :)

There was a lot of activities to keep the kids entertained.

* Gift Shop with the Antler Decorating area with Free Reindeer Tattoos

The Gingerbread Village featuring different work of arts...

* Yummy Creations- Vote for your favorite

* Santa's Workshop
* Whisper your wishes to Santa

* Brrrr Freezing!

...and the best of them was

* Real Reindeer up close #:-(I)

Great Idea on the location. I sure hope that next year's venue will be a notch higher than Grouse ;)

* Merry Christmas... Bold Red on Pure White

* * * * * 
Grouse Mountain
North Vancouver, B.C.

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