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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Level 3 Ice skating... PASSED!

Going up from one level to the next is getting harder as we go.

This time around, Kalen and Kimi are now in different classes. Kalen went to the child level skating because she reached age 6, while Kimi went up another level on the same category which is still the preschool category.

There are still a list of things needed to be done before they will be allowed to the next level and I am so happy to finally announced that they got the approval from their instructors to go on to Level 3 Child for Kalen and Level 4 Preschool for Kimi.

* Level 3- Passed :)!

What exactly are the thing you need to accomplish to pass Level 3 Preschool?
* Forward skating, alternate feet
* Touch ankle while gliding
* Glide on two feet for 2 meters
* Forward double sculling: 5 consec.
* Snowplow Stop (any style)
* Backward skating across rink

Glad they were able to move up to the next level. Congratulations! :)

* * * * *
Preschool Level 3 Ice Skating
Vancouver, B.C.

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