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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pinoy Fiesta Themed Christmas Dinner

Two years ago, we had a Gossip Girl Inspired Christmas with the Vancouver Icans. I am an honorary member as I never been an Ican. We skipped a year, good thing is, we are able to make another Christmas dinner together this year.

All of us have something in common, Philippines has been our home once in our past, hence, the theme for this year for a Philippine Themed Christmas.

We did the celebration at Bert's place this year...

* Nico did a fabulous Christmas table setting

Each of us tried our hands at a Filipino dish for our event.

* Bert's Lumpiang Shanghai, Leslie's Crispy Chicken, Candice's Gising Gising,
Steph's Embutido, Jayson's Sinigang, Mel's Filipino Style Spaghetti and 
Nico's Cassava Cake

The party favorite is the exchange of gift... Thank you Elfster for making the gift exchanging way easier.

* Santa Parents and their babies...

I actually bought gift for our babies, Nico and James. Turns out that hubby really got me as his baby and I was really surprised and Nico ended up with 2 presents :)

Nico got a Babycakes which she generously brought to the party to get Kimi and us gals an activity of making cake pops using her handy machine.

* Festive Cake Pops

* Kimi was so proud of her cake pops

* Kenzo, on the other hand, just wanted to consume as much as he can

* Thank you Nico :)

The Co Sisters also got gifts for Kimi and Kenzo (Aaaw so sweet!). I was able to do Les' gift for Kimi with her on Christmas Day and got Nico and Steph's gift on my craft stash for the future :)

* Kimi's personal pretty Santas :)

... it was a great way to bond on a Christmas Day.

* Finish Product for the gift I got from my Secret Santa?

* It's an everyday necklace... Thank you :)

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