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Thursday, January 31, 2013

For the Clinique Lover...

I was quite busy and wasn't able to post for a month.

Let's just call it sort of online fasting but I am so glad to be back :)
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January Topbox was Clinique Month

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shar's Le Paris and Eurasian High Tea

You could tell just by looking at the cut out tea place cards for each guests just how much preparation and love was put into Shar's party...

* Mel's Peronalized Place Card

* Kimi has her own Place Card as well

...and that was just the start

* Portable Sanitizer with Shar's Label in front

* Portable Bag Tags with mirrors

As for the lovely teapots, Van made sure she got all of that covered with her finds...

* Lovely pots to complement the tea party

Artistic Kate (Sister of the celebrant), made the little touches of drawings to make it look Parisian...

* Bon Jour

* Mon Amour

* The Lovely Soon to be Bride

The Spread was overwhelming from the salty treats to the sweet  ones

* Yummy Treats

There were little ladies in the house and they got their own tier of goodies...

* Princess Carmi, Princess Kalen and Princess Kimi

* It must be that good?

* Our contributions to the Bride and Groom ;)

* Tiara and Veil for the Special Celebrant

* * * * *

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Discovering Prayer

It was so refreshing to start the year by joining Discover Prayers.

I admit that praying doesn't come natural to me even if I just do it with my kids so I am so glad I was able to face one of my fear (struggles) this early 2013...

I'm so glad that there are friends who are continuously praying together with us and for us...
I love Don Moen's new song "Somebody's praying for you"
...a line that really touch my heart

 “I’ve been spared by so many prayers,
      How many times I could not say.
      What a difference a prayer can make,
      When it’s offered up in faith.
      God has always made a way,
      When I didn’t know what to do.
      Just when I needed a miracle,
      That’s when your prayers broke through!”

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.


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