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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Chinese New Year Dinner- Kimi's duet with Grandpa

Father in law invited us to a Chinese New Year celebration hosted by the Filipino Chinese Association in B.C.

We decided to go since we don't have anything planned plus FIL is doing a number so we would like to show our support as well.

* The Programme

FIL was practicing for his song number and decided to let Kimi join him so the solo became a duet. I was especially worried because I don't know if Kimi will freak out when she sang with a mic and hear her voice out loud plus a real audience in front of her. She did better than I was expecting especially for her first time singing live. :) 


* Kimi sings 祝你新年快乐 with Grandpa

Kenzo, on the other hand, found himself a new friend...

* Kenzo, Reese and Nana

* * * * *

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