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Sunday, February 10, 2013

CNY @ Aberdeen

We wanted to experience the Chinese New Year but wanted it indoor because we wanted to be warm and comfortable as well.

Aberdeen was the best bet in experiencing the event and the rest of Richmond had the same idea, because I've never seen Aberdeen with this much people

* Stage Design for the Chinese New Year

There was a variety of entertainment available throughout the day for the enjoyment of the shoppers from dragon dance performing from store to store and different acrobatic dances showcasing their moves onstage.

The wide walkway was cramped with makeshift stalls that sells Chinese desserts, trinkets and decors just for the event. There were also posters with Chinese sayings as giveaways for those who want something of the event to remember by.

* Little Kiosks

* Lucy charms, Gold Statues and Dragon puppets

...there was also face painting from the Shaw booth that face paints your sign... or whatever animals you wanted. 

* Face Painting

* Wear you sign...

It was a bit of a wait but the result was well worth it :)

* Dragon Heads

* My Little Dragon Girl

* Mimicking the dance

* Hooray for the dragon dancer!

* * * * *

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