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Friday, February 08, 2013

Ice Skating Field Trip @ Bill Copeland

Museums were the natural choices for a field trip in Manila back when I was younger. 

Here? It varies from museums to sporty activities such as ice skating like the one we recently had in Kimi's class.

* Bill Copeland Sport Centre

* The Rink

* Fully Geared

* Friends from K :)

A lot of the Kindergarteners started with a walker and it was cute watching little guys and girls racing inside the ice rink with their walkers... 

* Active skaters

It was fun while it lasted and it was a great end for the week. 

* Kimi after her skating field trip

* * * * *

1 comment:

William said...

Ice skating used to be thought of as a sport for younger kids, kids that were low to the ground and didn't have far to fall! However, ice skating is a sport for all ages and has something to offer everyone!


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