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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Tobogganing at Mt. Seymour 2013

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It does takes awhile but now I learned to enjoy the 4 season that we have here in Vancouver, Canada. We do have our favourite but there is a certain excitement in waiting for the next one to arrive and to prepare the kids in their next adventure for the season.

Winter. It is still quite cold here but not snowy and the mommies decided to give the kids a nice surprise by planning a Winter Tobogganing Event right at the beginning of February at Mt Seymour. We kept everything under wrap for the reason that we wanted our sanity intact before the event and I don't think the kids can contain the excitement once they found out what is waiting for them. One more reason was that a few weeks before our event, kids are coming down with fever coughs and colds and we were keeping our fingers crossed that we will make it in time without anyone missing the fun or having to cancel the whole plan. Lucky me, Kenzo got fever 4 days before and Kimi 2 days before and I was actually thinking that we might be left behind... BUT, we were there and everyone was COMPLETE! (Double Hooray!)

* Getting comfortable sitting on the snow

It was my first time to do Tobogganing and I was more scared excited than scared until I saw the slope that we were going to slide from and the oversize plastic folder that were available for rent to rest our butt in as we go down the icy slide... Now, it was too late to make an excuse and I had to be brave especially since the Kimi and Kenzo saw their playmates and were quite excited at the prospect of sliding like their friends were doing.... Talk about good peer pressure.

I found a sturdier mat (Thanks Jo!) and with a bit of encouragement, I got Kimi to go the first slide with me and I actually went straight for the Starting flag with a loud Thump.... Oooh my pride hurt more than anything and I went up with a sigh and turned to find everyone looking at my nice start. I decided to sit it out a bit and sulk pretend nothing happened out of the ordinary hehe!

Picture taking seems like a good idea so, 

* Eron, Hubby and Kenzo

Hubby decided to finally try it with Kenzo and he actually did a whole lot better than me (Hmph!)

* Eron, Kenzo and Kimi

I finally got the courage as soon as I saw kids half my size doing it on their own. 

* Mel and Kenzo

I got Kenzo which was wiggling all the way down. I was holding onto him and screaming all the way down hoping that I can stay in the mat without holding anything except an overzealous toddler... and I DID! (Pat on the back)

Several more slides and I was getting more confident but the hike up was really tiring me down and Kenzo wanted me to carry him every time it was uphill (Double Sigh)

Kimi finally got the confidence and decided to try it be herself... 

* Kimi's First Attempt by Herself...

She did tumble on the second attempt but she went on as if nothing happened (Atta Girl!)

Uncle Warren and Rex was going up and down the hill fetching the kids and sliding with them...I don't know where they got the stamina. Uncle Charlie and Steve held on to their cameras in between slides to make sure they got everything captured. I was so glad Eron was there to help with Kenzo as well. 

* Uncle Warren, Ryker and Justin

* Uncle Rex and Kenzo

* Papa Karl and Kimi

* Kenzo pouting over waiting for his turn...

...more picture taking in between slides

* A Bit of relaxation

* Group Picture

...and last but not the least,

* Picture with my favourite girls...

...must be the age, my back is still hurting from all the activity that Saturday... BUT Totally Worth it and would definitely do it again! Cheers to the next event ;)

* * * * *
Mt. Seymour @ North Vancouver

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