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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Grotto

We decided to spend our Easter on a long journey to visit The Grotto in Portland, Oregon.

We attended the Good Friday liturgy. It was an experience and you would have thought that you were in the Philippines with all the Filipinos from British Columbia that attended that particular mass. It was a standing room for us even if we were a good 20 minutes early entering the church.

I especially loved the lifelike sculpture near the church's gift shop. It was eerie how real it looks despite the glass enclosure.

* * * * *
and cheers to new beginnings

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Playdome 2013

Sure, the weather is still cold for the kids to enjoy the outdoors but the fun is indoors with this year's Indoor Carnival.

We started Spring Break with a day at the BC Place which probably made the kids expectation for activities a bit higher for the whole week ;)

* Are you ready for some indoor fun?

It's nice that the kids are all together to do some kind of good peer pressure which led them to try rides they wouldn't try by themselves

* This was the first ride that Kimi was scared of on her first try

* By this time, she learned to scream and let it out...

* This ride was kinda dizzying as well...

Kenzo loved the fast rides but I was ind of on edge because he has no sense of fear and wants to stand up while the ride is ongoing. The seatbelt are not as tight as I'd like it to be...

* Fishies out of the water
(Photo Courtesy of Charlie Ng)

* Mini Roller Coaster
(Photo Courtesy of Charlie Ng)

While some rides are a no no for Kenzo....

* Waiting by the sidelines...

* Or getting a little smooch a fest with papa

* * * * *
BC Place, Vancouver B.C.

MArch 16-24, 2012

Friday, March 08, 2013

Strong Start for a Strong Finish

I started Kenzo with Strongstart program starting January for the reason of getting him used to the school setting and hopefully be confident enough when it is time for him to start school in September. It is a Parent Participation Program but it has done wonders for my little Kenzo after 2 months of going there on my free days from work.

* DIY play dough

* Non Toxic :) Smells really yummy 
but no, this is not a real ice cream

I love how personal and affectionate the teacher (Lillan) on the 12th Ave Strongstart with her approach and how she has fresh ideas for the kids each time we come in. I know that running a school day in day out can be exhausting and I really appreciate how she makes each day fun for the kids and making everything a learning opportunity.  I also like the fact that this particular branch is bigger than the one near our home. 


* Number foam blocks

* Alphabet Foams

* Sand Box with alphabets

There is also a place for the artsy little kids. Even though Kenzo loves to play with the toys that moves, he had his turn on the easel as well...


* Washable Paints (Whew!)... Don't forget to wear the smock!


* Buses, Trains and Transpotation Magnetic Board

* Tracks, Rail and Train Stations


12th Ave Strongstart also got an In-house Guinea Pig name Chestnut. Kenzo loves to say Hi (from a safe distant). It was nice having a guinea pig in the vicinity to feed and take care of. The kids learned to pet Chestnut and be gentle when hey got a chance to hold him.

* Feed the Guinea Pig


There is a fly inside the container... Little Scientist observing from the outside.

* Science Experiments... Observing a fly

* * * * *
12th Ave, Burnaby

Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Tribute to my Grandparents

All my memories of my grandparents are of them together.

We lived quite far away from each other and for those few times that they do visit and stayed at our place. I was always amazed how they made being married look so natural and something that I'd like for myself. If one of them enters the room, you can definitely count on the fact that the other one would be there a few minutes later. They just love being in each other's company.

When I got word that my grandmother passed away. I immediately thought of my grandfather and how he must be feeling. A little over 2 weeks after her death, my grandfather also passed away. It was sad but I also felt that they just could't bear being apart and it was how they'd want it... together, right until the end.

Their memorial service was held today at Dallas, Texas. I wish I was there to be with them for the last time, I did a presentation for their memorial service/ viewing and it was really emotional doing this little video for them.

Thank you Grandparents for being such a role model,
I look to you both... I Love You

* * * * *



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