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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Playdome 2013

Sure, the weather is still cold for the kids to enjoy the outdoors but the fun is indoors with this year's Indoor Carnival.

We started Spring Break with a day at the BC Place which probably made the kids expectation for activities a bit higher for the whole week ;)

* Are you ready for some indoor fun?

It's nice that the kids are all together to do some kind of good peer pressure which led them to try rides they wouldn't try by themselves

* This was the first ride that Kimi was scared of on her first try

* By this time, she learned to scream and let it out...

* This ride was kinda dizzying as well...

Kenzo loved the fast rides but I was ind of on edge because he has no sense of fear and wants to stand up while the ride is ongoing. The seatbelt are not as tight as I'd like it to be...

* Fishies out of the water
(Photo Courtesy of Charlie Ng)

* Mini Roller Coaster
(Photo Courtesy of Charlie Ng)

While some rides are a no no for Kenzo....

* Waiting by the sidelines...

* Or getting a little smooch a fest with papa

* * * * *
BC Place, Vancouver B.C.

MArch 16-24, 2012

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