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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mini Candy Craze

It started with the DIY Sushi...

It tasted like gummy but looks like sushi...

Just mix the packs included and form them with the use of the moulds and VOILA!

* Fool Proof Sushi safe for the kids :)

...and it was so darn cute plus a chance to bond with Kimi

The Burger was easier. It was just stacking up the gummy included in the pack and putting the wafer bun on both ends... This set was cheaper too!
* Burger Jr.

Next, we found the ice cream kit that worked like a play dough with a small icing bag to make the ice cream swirls... The cones was included as is.

* Lukewarm Ice cream anyone?

The donut kit is fairly easy with just mixing and moulding to do the kit. It was really yummy and the icings were really a hit with the kids...

* Baker's Dozen

This next kit required the use of a microwave. We mixed the dough and put the in the microwave to bake :) Still easy and it came out so pretty and not to mention, yummy!

* Mini Two Tier Cake

It was weird to eat curry in miniature, knowing it was candy but tasting like curry and chicken nuggets. It was good though and Kimi liked her late night snack until it was all wiped out.

* Curry Good!

I wonder what our next candy adventure would be?

Till our next candy craft :)

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