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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thriving Family Summer 2013

I love Thriving Family and has been a subscriber for quite a while. I heard about them through my daily podcast of Focus on the Family and has been reading their magazine to help me with paenting my two munchkins.

It is a great read for parents on how to raise kids in faith and I am so happy to see that for the latest edition, Kenzo's picture was included in one of the inserts in coloured print...

* My Little Boy  in print :)

The website also has his picture as an icon :)

* * * * *
Summer 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Avril's Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

It was a perfect day for an outdoor/indoor party and Avril's parents did a wonderful job with making it special with personal touches.

* Cakes made with love..

* Strawberry-licious

* Sweet Bar

Craft time was the first in the agenda...

* Kimi's work of art

Some games...

 * Duck Goose

Pinata was a big hit with the kids... we learn a new song to go with the game too

* Lining up for a chance to hit on the piƱata

* Song that goes with the game, 
when the song is done so is the player's turn at hitting the pinata

* Load of Goodies

* Hat full :)

* Gifts from friends...

* Personalized card from Kimi

* Birthday song

* * * * *

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Thea's 6th Princess Party

This year, Kimi started at SFDS and with new friends, came new invitation to various parties.

The first party outside school she attended for the year is from Thea.
It was obvious that Thea's parent planned the party well that was fit for their little princess...

* The Sweets...

* The Princess Doll Cake

* Sugar Rush :)

* Nicely Packaged Loots... Pearls for each little guests....

* Princess Aurora doing a mini makeover

* Kimi got to borrow a costume from the Brave movie for the party...

* Princesses in training...

* Happy Guest

* Princess Celebrant of the day and 
one of Kimi's closest friend in school

* * * * *


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