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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Avril's Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

It was a perfect day for an outdoor/indoor party and Avril's parents did a wonderful job with making it special with personal touches.

* Cakes made with love..

* Strawberry-licious

* Sweet Bar

Craft time was the first in the agenda...

* Kimi's work of art

Some games...

 * Duck Goose

Pinata was a big hit with the kids... we learn a new song to go with the game too

* Lining up for a chance to hit on the piƱata

* Song that goes with the game, 
when the song is done so is the player's turn at hitting the pinata

* Load of Goodies

* Hat full :)

* Gifts from friends...

* Personalized card from Kimi

* Birthday song

* * * * *

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