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Monday, June 03, 2013

Cars Land 2013

Last time we came here in Disneyland, the Cars Land was still under construction and Kenzo was left home because he got sick a day before the flight. This time was perfect for Kenzo as he is a bit bigger and his favourite, Disney Cars, is now open.

* Banners that made Kenzo stop and stare ;)

We decided to do Disney only for this vacation and secure ourselves with a 4 Day One Park Per Day Ticket which turned out cheaper than the 3 Day Park Hopper. We got them through West Jet wherein we got a package together with the flight and hotel. We divided our 5 days stay to 1 day solely for spending time with our friends, 2 days for Disneyland and 2 days for California Adventure.

Travelling with kids means there will always be things that will happen that is out of the plan. Such as the case on this trip. Kenzo was not himself when we went to Cars Land and we knew that something was amiss. We decided to get a hotel doctor to see him which cost more than his whole trip's total :(. It was effective though and he was okay by next day and the culprit was his ear got congested during the plane's take off and his cold aggravated the situation which resulted to a fever as well. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that one of our travel insurance will cover a part or if we are lucky, the whole cost of it.

Kenzo was not himself the first day of our California Adventure but he still managed to go closer for a peek at some his favourite cars...

* Little Fan getting starstruck

* This is a replica of a scene background in Cars Movie :)

* Must take a picture here... Poor Kenzo looks ready to sleep

... the medicine finally got to him and he slept while we explored more of the Cars Land and more with Kimi...

* Getting Goofy with the Cones...

As for the last day, Kenzo was himself again and we were back to running after him as we went back to California Adventure for our second to the last day in L.A.

Since our little guy is in tiptop shape (almost), we decided to go for the rides and took our time to fall in line and get our pictures taken with the Cars...

We did the magic morning this time and go for the Tow Mater Ride... Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. It spins like the tea cup ride but way cooler with your own Tow Mater. Kenzo was so happy and screaming gleefully throughout the ride, so did Kimi. It was well worth the wait...

* Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

* Kimi and me as partners for the Tow Ride

We used up the time taking pictures all the way to the front of the line...

* Kimi and Kenzo

* Kenzo with Kimi

After the ride, it was Tow Mater doing pictorial near the Cozy Cone Motel...

* More pictures while in line

* Tow Mater :)

* Kimi was Here...

* ... so was Kenzo :-)

... there was a commotion and sirens which meant that RED was nearby!

* Here we go again...

* A picture near RED which I saw from Cars Movie

* and more pictures

One of the popular ride was the Luigi's Flying Tire which was really looooooong... We got there early so we started lining up

* A picture outside

* Cars Memorabilia inside the Luigi's Flying Tire 
which also serves as a line up guide

There was a mock up Flying Tire for pictorial purposes near the line going into the real ride...

* Family Cheese!

* Kimi and Hubby :)

* * * * *
Anaheim, California
June 2013

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